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  • 07-10-2013
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  • I just want to say thanks for the business cards they look gorgeous! Exactly how I was thinking!

    Elisa Tomaselli

    Graphic Designer, Essex

  • "Many thanks for the business cards - they arrived yesterday (Tuesday) and I am very pleased with them"

    Paulina Little

    Artist, London

  • "Stickers were perfect thank you and worked really well"

    Rosie Sherwin

    Bath City Church

  • Thank you for the wonderful job you did with the banner it looks great and has been very useful already.

    Matthew Moody

    Publicity Officer University of Essex

  • "Hi Thank you for your help regarding the folder yesterday, much appreciated"

    Chris (Graphic Designer, Romford, Essex)

    Graphics Design, Romford Essex

  • "Hi, Just wanted to say that I have the business cards and thank you for going to the trouble of meeting my colleague at the station. Much appreciated"

    Liam, (Palm PR, London)

    Graphic designer London

What is Duplication?

CD / DVD Duplication

You have probably know or have heard the term burning before. Well, CD or DVD duplication is achieved by burning. This means copying the contents of a CD or DVD to another CD/DVD using the appropriate CD or DVD writer. The writer or burning equipment etches the data onto a recordable CD/DVD disc with a laser small enough to be integrated into a normal PC drive bay as most of you will have used or seen at some time.

This process is used for duplicating smaller quantities of discs, Usually upto 500, many businesses use our duplication service to produce copies of their data i.e. manuals, parts lists, and training videos in these kind of quantities, which is done with our dedicated duplication machines (duplication towers).

Why would you need to consider a CD/DVD duplication service?

Burning or copying discs one at a time can be very time consuming and as we all know, time is money. By using a duplication service you can have as many as 500 copies within 24hrs, leaving you to concentrate on whats important. your business. For many businesses, the best choice is duplication.

Prepare your CD/DVD master

Your Master disc is the CD or DVD that you give us to copy.. To ensure that our machines can read your master disc it has to be created to a standard. As long as it is one of the following you will be fine. CD 650MB or 700MB, DVD+R, DVD-R, DVD DL dual layer or output to a DLT (Digital Linear Tape). DLT was the original format for duplication, however as technology has advanced the other formats are now suitable options for duplication. Fortunately, as we have the latest technology, when working on a DVD5 or DVD9 project a pair of DVD masters is all that we need to get going. We ask for two copies just in case one gets damaged in transit or is corrupt in some way.

  • Thurrock Council
  • Barking & Dagenham Council
  • Redbridge College
  • Barclays
  • Honda UK
  • Harrods Aviation
  • Enfield Council
  • Skanska UK
  • MIND
  • Newham London Council
  • Malabar-Group
  • Olympus